Roots for the future

Growing Health Together are delighted to support Roots for the Future ,they focus on the relationship between the health of the planet and human health by offering eco-therapies such as guided tree walks, mindfulness in nature sessions and more.

Workshops are being offered to communities in East Surrey and in Whyteleafe events are being planned, such as the one at Whyteleafe Community Centre on Remembrance weekend 2023, where the community were invited to ‘Plant a Tree for Peace’. Roots for the Future are now planning a rewilded space in the beautiful churchyard in collaboration with St Luke’s church.

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Future of Primary Care: Conversation with Dr Gillian Orrow

Dr Gillian Orrow was interviewed by East London Foundation NHS Trust, Executive Director, Dr. Mohit Venkataram about her pioneering work in advancing Primary Care. Demonstrating using real life examples of how treating health can be done differently and how it has a real tangible, cost effective benefit, Dr Orrow provides listeners with inspiration and learning.

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The impact is palpable

Read a very insightful and exciting reflection that Dr Orrow gave to New Local. As Growing Health Together comes up to it’s 3rd year Anniversary, Dr Orrow provides an inspiring picture of the journey from conception to now into how and why healthcare can be done differently and transforms the way healthcare can be approached and delivered.

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By the People with the People – Growing Health Together

The collaborative work within Growing Health Together is used as a case study within this report by the Fabian Society. The work we have done across all the PCNs are highlighted as an example of an innovative way of working through looking at the building blocks of health and not just medicine. We are featured on pages 28-30.

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Improving Health and Care at Scale

The work Dr Tabassum Siddiqui leads on in Merstham in association with Growing Health Together is featured in an NHS Confederation report, evidencing the benefits of a health creation approach and the immense positive impact this had upon the local community.

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How Health Creation can help GP Practices tackle health inequalities

GP Online carried out an interview with Dr Gillian Orrow, Dr Tabassum Siddiqui and Dr Richard Wright to discuss how Growing Health Together is helping General Practice to tackle health inequalities.

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Start Small Build Big

Dr Gillian Orrow has written a powerful blog, demonstrating how a health creation approach works in the community and the successful outcome of initiatives like the one in Nailsworth Crescent.

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Lost Connections

Growing Health Together is featured in a editorial, Growing Crisis of Loneliness Matters for Planetary Health. It provides an insight into the growth of loneliness and discusses this as an epidemic and the causes and wider implications of loneliness.

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