Hurst Green Projects

Community Fair

Dr Anna Mustill, Growing Health lead for South Tandridge PCN, attended Hurst Green Community Fair on 17th September for a Community Engagement Event, sharing a stall with Surrey County Council and offering free drinks and face painting for children in the “World Café” themed area. Local citizens were invited to sit and chat with us about local issues including health and local provisions. This was a great opportunity to speak to local Hurst Green residents to find out about local services and barriers. Please check out this fantastic summary of the insights gained on the day.

Hurst Green Courtyard

Anna has been working with local residents, shop owners, councillors, residential homes and schools to make a green community area in the centre of Hurst Green. £7,000 funding has been awarded from the Creating Healthy Communities fund, to help kickstart this exciting project.

Pollards Oak Road

Through working collaboratively with Cerys Williams, Local Area Coordinator (LAC) a communal room and kitchen at Tandridge District Council Housing Authority Retirement Flats on Pollards Oak Road is being updated and refreshed by residents, with support from Growing Health Together. This space will be used to host a range of activities to the wider older population, eg. Bingo, films, cooking and more.

craft group for parents of children with additional needs will also be started by a local community citizen in Hurst Green.

Great Christmas Giveaway

Anna has supported the Hurst Green Great Xmas Giveaway: a project to wrap and distribute 150 gift bags to people in the community, including 50 Ukranian guests. This event was coordinated by the Accessibility Project, and a present wrapping day was attended by Oxted Health Centre staff and their families – helping to improve and deepen relationships between the health sector and local people.

Buzz Project

Dr Anna Mustill supported the “Buzz project”, which was the planting of 1000 bulbs in Hurst Green with 40-50 local community members.

It was delightful to see all ages ranging from 4-84! This was organised by Creative Community charity and Hurst Green Gardening Club.

Community Garden

Approached by a local Hurst Green resident wanting to turn concrete shopping precinct into green community space. We have had initial meeting with local councillor, community members and are planning further meeting in April with major stakeholders including shopkeepers, TDC, youth club and police to discuss Vision Statement with the priority to have full community involvement to develop true community space.